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The world of celebrities can seem to be all about kale smoothies and “detoxes”, but there are still some famous folk left who know how to have a good time. Getting involved with drinks brands can be more than just a status symbol – it can become highly lucrative. From Prosecco to lager and hard seltzer to hard spirits, here are 16 celebrity drinks brands who have made their way into the business.

Source: The Drinks Business. By Louis Thomas

Celebrity Drinks Brands:

1. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – Teremana

Johnson is Forbes’ fourth highest earning entertainer of 2022, raking in $270 million, largely from his Tequila brand Teremana. The spirit, made from blue agave and distilled in Jalisco, is a regular feature on his 315million follower strong Instagram account, and pushed him to the lofty heights of first place in db’s top celebrity Tequila brands.

2. Sam Neill – Two Paddocks

The New Zealander who starred in Jurassic Park, Hunt for the Wilder People and Peaky Blinders is still working as an actor, but he has largely swapped the sound stage for his Central Otago winery. Producing premium Pinot Noir and Riesling, the reasoning behind Two Paddocks is summarised as “just because we can…because the proprietor is slightly mad.”

3. Jeremy Clarkson – Hawkstone

Clarkson’s Top Gear mantra of “speed and power” may work in the world of fast cars, but his exploits as a farmer have forced him to be patient as he waits for his crops to grow. Barley harvested from his Diddly Squat Farm is used to make what has become the most talked about lager…in the world (or at least on db). Amazon has also helped bolster its profile by promoting it to customers. Even Clarkson’s old nemesis Piers Morgan has enjoyed the drink.

4. Robert De Niro – Vdka 6100

Vito Corleone in The Godfather Part II, Jimmy Conway in Goodfellas, Don Lino in Shark Tale – De Niro’s penchant for playing gangster roles disguises the smoothness and sophistication of his vodka. Though the actor is a symbol of New York, the vodka he financially backed is distilled in New Zealand (the name is a reference to the distance between the two). The two-time Academy Award winner even assisted in the product design and branding.

5. Ellie Goulding – Served

Hard seltzer is a huge trend right now, and Goulding’s co-ownership of Herefordshire-based brand Served is not just a means of tapping into the craze, but also serves as an initiative to make use of wonky limes and raspberries. The drink also recently premiered in Everyman cinemas as the picture house chain’s first hard seltzer.

6. Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston – Dos Hombres

The Breaking Bad stars turned their chemistry expertise to crafting Mezcal, becoming the dos hombres behind Dos Hombres. Since launching in 2019, the duo has sold the drink across the US and in 2020 it arrived on British shores. Recently, for Cinco de Mayo, Paul and Cranston toured Florida promoting the spirit.

7. Kylie Minogue – Kylie Minogue Wines

Whether you deem her to be the “Princess of Pop”, or the even more grandiose “Goddess of Pop”, there’s no denying that Minogue is one of the most successful artists of all time, and a very successful entrepreneur. Within 10 months of being on UK supermarket shelves, her Prosecco rosé had said “get outta my way” to the competition to become number one in the category.

8. Eva Longoria – Casa Del Sol

Though known for her role on Desperate Housewives, there is nothing desperate about Longoria’s arrival on the Tequila scene in 2021. Though following the well trodden path of the likes of Clooney and Jenner, Longoria’s reposado and añejo are aged in old Cognac barrels made from Limousin oak. Though Longoria is celebrating her Mexican heritage, the end result is something with a distinct flavour profile from other drinks in this increasingly competitive market.

9. Graham Norton – GN Wines

Arguably the best part of Eurovision each year, Norton has become a longstanding collaborator with New Zealand company Invivo & Co. Since launching a Sauvignon Blanc in 2014, the chat show host known for his withering remarks has put his name to rosé, Prosecco, Shiraz and gin. Though he tries to be as hands on as possible, being unable to travel to Marlborough during the height of the pandemic forced him to attend blending sessions over Zoom. This year, Invivo became the first official Prosecco of Eurovision, with Norton doubtless partaking in a few glasses over the course of the contest.

10. Sarah Jessica-Parker – Invivo X SJP

Invivo has also worked with the star of Sex and the City since 2019. Said to bring “New York sass” to New Zealand wines, there’s Sauvignon Blanc and rosé, but also a low-alcohol range called “Sevenly”. Low-ABV isn’t the only craze that the company has dabbled in, as it recently entered the murky world of NFTs with Jessica-Parker and Norton.

11. Jon Bon Jovi – Hampton Water

Made with his son, Jesse Bongiovi, the premium Languedoc rosé was launched in 2018. A blend Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah and Mourvèdre, it supposedly captures the spirit of the South of France, and the relaxation of the Hamptons on Long Island, though Bon Jovi wished to call it “pink juice” at one point. Though the singer has penned classics such as “Livin’ On A Prayer” and “Blaze of Glory”, it’s probably for the best that they went for the name his son suggested instead.

12. Kendall Jenner – 818 Tequila

The model and socialite has immersed herself in the world of Tequila, but despite being an internationally recognisable brand herself she was accused of copyright infringement due to her product’s similarity to the brand 512 Tequila. The name “818” actually refers to Jenner’s home area code, though 512 CEO Nick Mazorkis called her efforts “half a**”. Jenner has not caught much of a break – in February 2022 she was criticised for reckless drinking when consuming her Tequila straight from the bottle through a straw.

13. Kyle MacLachlan – Pursued by Bear

MacLachlan was born and raised in the state of Washington before returning there for David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. Though he now has residences in New York and Los Angeles, it was wine which brought him back to his home state. After a meeting with winemaker Eric Dunham, The Winter’s Tale stage direction-inspired Pursued by Bear was born in 2005. The Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah are, to paraphrase FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, “damn fine wines.”

14. Sam Heughan – Sassenach Spirits

Celebrity drinks brands – Sam Heaughan

It’s only logical that a proud Scotsman and star of Outlander would go into whisky. Heughan’s Sassenach spirits range has not entirely been plain sailing. Late last year he lost a legal battle with the Sasse Distillery in Germany over the name of his whisky. However, much like how his character of Jamie Fraser returns from conflict in Europe to Scotland, he bounced back with a limited edition tequila.

15. Jamie Foxx – Brown Sugar Bourbon

The Hollywood heavyweight is the proud owner of Brown Sugar Bourbon, which blends whiskey with brown sugar and cinnamon in the 30% ABV BSB and the 51.5% ABV BSB 103 (the number referring to the proof). Though it is suggested that the flavoured whiskey can be enjoyed on the rocks, there are a number of cocktail suggestions, ranging from having it an Old Fashioned to eggnog. Foxx purchased the brand for an undisclosed sum in 2021 from Washington state-based Heritage Distilling Company.

16. Cara Delevingne – Della Vite

Model/actress/singer Cara co-founded this Prosecco brand alongside her sisters Poppy and Chloe. The name is not only a play on the family surname, but is also Italian for “of the vine”. Made in partnership with the Biasiotto family, Glera grapes are plucked from 40 year old vines clinging to the hills of Valdobbiadene and then vinified at the Foss Marai winery.

Know the female-found tequila brand 21 seeds.

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