Tequila and Mezcal: Overproof California Market Report

tequila and mezcal

Overproof has released a new market report detailing the top-performing tequila and mezcal suppliers and brands in California. The report was built using Overproof’s proprietary menu analysis technology that leverages AI and machine learning to read and extract insights from menus at scale.

Source: Overproof.

tequila and mezcal

Overproof analyzed the menus of 921 California venues, identifying 135 suppliers, 237 brands and 708 products related to tequila and mezcal.

The analysis is broken down into four sections:

  1. Trend report comparing supplier and brand presence on menus from Q4 2021 to the present.
  2. Tequila report with top-performing suppliers and brands in the state, key markets, and within six subcategories.
  3. Mezcal report with top performing suppliers and brands in the state and by key market.
  4. Celebrity report with top performing celebrity-owned brands.

Overproof’s proprietary algorithms scan any type of online or physical menu to break down its composition and capture cocktails, branded beers, wines, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages, product categories and subcategories, price point, promotional indicators, sponsorship indicators, cocktail styles and cocktail families. To download the fully Tequila and Mezcal California market report click here.

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