Stella Rosa Wines Launches New Spicy Series

Stella Rosa Wines

Stella Rosa Wines is bringing the heat to wine glasses, expanding into a trending category to meet demand for sweet heat.

News Provided By: Riboli Family Wines.

Stella Rosa® Wines has done it again and #TacoTuesday drinks will never be the same. Stella Rosa® Wines is introducing a new collection of sweet and spicy wines to its portfolio of 30+ semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wines. The Spicy Series is meeting two trending categories: sweet heat and low-ABV options.

Stella Rosa Wines’ Spicy Series: Mango & Chili, Pineapple & Chili, Lime & Chili. Initially launching the collection with the Pineapple & Chili flavor, it has become the fastest-selling flavored wine SKU to enter the market in 2023. Now, it’s introducing two new SKUs: Lime & Chili and Mango & Chili; fusing sweetness with heat. Each flavor blends Moscato D’Asti grapes and tropical flavors with Italian chili peppers and a 5% ABV, perfectly meeting the palette of loyal and new Stella Rosa fans.

Stella Rosa Wines

The new collection comes on the heels of growing data: 2 in 3 American consumers are interested in sweet and spicy flavors (Mintel) and sweet wine has become a $1B industry (Nielson). Stella Rosa is combining consumer behavior and data to bring a wine that builds heat over time and can be served over ice or in a cocktail, offering a unique wine-drinking experience with each sip. The details are even found in the packaging, each bottle offers a sweet to spicy meter for reference.

Our consumers are looking for a wine that is flavorful but also lower in alcohol content and fun. Maybe you’re looking for a Taco Tuesday drink but don’t necessarily want to break out the Tequila – that’s what the Stella Rosa Spicy Series is bringing to the table; an easy and refreshing glass of wine that offers the spice and fizz consumers crave.

Steve Riboli. Stella Rosa Wines President.

The ability to be innovative and playful in a traditionally rigid category has allowed Stella Rosa to be an industry leader, appealing to a multi-generational consumer. However, it doesn’t stop the brand from reeling in Gen-Z and Millennials in abundance — 27% of new Stella Rosa consumers are new to the wine category altogether. The brand has become synonymous with pop culture and innovation, continuously living up to its reputation as America’s #1 imported wine.

More about Stella Rosa® Wines
Stella Rosa® is a selection of semi-sweet, semi-sparkling Italian wines, evolving with the spirit of the times when it comes to wine trends and popular culture. Among its impressive achievements are a 10x Impact Magazine Hot Brand award and its position as the #1 imported wine in America. Most recently, Stella Rosa® curated a collection of hand-crafted premium and fruit-flavored Brandy made from high-quality grapes grown in Northern Italy. Stella Rosa® is created by Riboli Family Wines, a Los Angeles-based establishment founded in 1917. For more information, visit
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