Spirits industry supports Ukraine

Spirits Industry

Spirits industry supports Ukraine. In a show of solidarity with the Ukrainian victims and refugees under attack by Russian forces, spirits industry. Especially Royal Wine Corp. donated 100% of the proceeds of the sales (from 2/24/2022 through 3/10/2022) of two of their leading vodka brands – Xdar and Lvov, to Emergency Ukraine.

Spirits industry stands for Ukraine:

“Royal Wine stands with the people of Ukraine and we demonstrate our support for their independence. While we are all praying and hoping for peace to return to the region we feel compelled to help in a meaningful way. Civilians are putting their own lives on the line to protect democracy and national identity. As a flagship Jewish-American business, we are committed to their material and moral sustenance in their fight for freedom.” Mordy Herzog CEO of Royal Wine Corp.

About Royal Wine Corp.

A heritage of perfection, for over 50 years, Royal Wine Corp. has been owned and operated in the United States by the Herzog family. Whose winemaking roots date back eight generations to 19th century Czechoslovakia.

Founded in 1848, the Herzog family winery was renowned as the Royal wine supplier to the emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Emperor Franz Joseph.

Today the Royal Wine Corporation is the unequivocal leader in the kosher wine and beverage industry, in quality, range of products, modern production methods, innovative packaging and marketing.

All Royal products are certified kosher and are therefore prepared in adherence to the highest standards of cleanliness and purity, requiring meticulous care and pristine winemaking conditions.

Royal prides itself providing the finest wines, spirits and liqueurs from all over the world.

Lvov Vodka part of Spirits Industry in Ukraine

Lvov is a Polish vodka named after the Ukrainian town Lviv, and is crafted the same way for generations. 4 times distilled and 4 times filtered through an activated carbon process and candle process to give clarity and refinement.

Xdar Wheat Vodka

Xdar is an Ukrainian vodka that symbolizes and maintains such age-old values as family, friends, relatives and national traditions. The product is created according to the classic technology of blending the finest alcohol and artesian water.

Want to to know more on how the spirits industry is supporting Ukraine? You can read this.

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