Ron Viejo de Caldas USA won two prizes in the Chicago Rum Festival

Ron Viejo de Caldas

On April 30th, LTE traveled to set-up our client’s brand Ron Viejo de Caldas USA in the Chicago Rum Festival. It was a great opportunity to increase brand awareness and brand love by exposing different expressions of Ron Viejo de Caldas -8 years and 15 years of aging in Colombian White Oak- to new consumers and specially to rum lovers.

In this festival, more than 50 rum brands participated on tailored activities. Entertaining more than 2,000 visitors who came from different cities to experience the flavors of each brand.

The prizes

The highlight of the event for our client’s brand was winning the two awards of the night. People’s Choice award selected by attendees after tasting over 50 rum’s brands. And Best Daiquiri of the Festival, with a coconut and mango signature daiquiri created and mixed by our mixologist, and selected as the winner for the Beverage Tasting Institute of Chicago. This is another confirmation that Ron Viejo de Caldas USA is “the rum of those who know”.


The Chicago Rum Festival offered VIP access to industry professionals. They had the opportunity of network with brand representatives, attend training seminars, taste a wide variety of rums and mingle with industry colleagues.

After one and half hour of exclusive access to Rum professional, general admission was granted for rum hunters. They also had the opportunity to taste the different expressions of each rum brand, attend educational brand seminars, enjoy cool mellow music and many other activities. A select tasting and education session was also offered to general admission attendees.

Ron Viejo de Caldas booth

The booth was created to stand out from the crowd. Using an oak barrel creative concept (one of the brand’s unique resources to create its outstanding flavor) as the main theme for the entire setting.

The creative concept designed by our professional team included key elements to visually communicate the essence of the brand, and positioning it as the most luxurious Colombian rum. In addition, branded souvenirs and chocolate for pairing and tastings Ron Viejo de Caldas enhanced the experience of visitors that came by our booth.

Moreover, the Chicago Rum Festival was a great opportunity to establish face to face connection for communicating the brand’s attributes and unique selling prepositions, which translated to increased brand engagement.

An interactive photo booth was the final touch to build a memorable brand experience. The LTE design team produced a customized frame with the look and feel of Ron Viejo de Caldas’ concept, which visitors were able to publish pictures from it on their own social media.

Our client’s expectations were surpassed. Developing a creative environment that motivated people to stop and indulge themselves with Ron Viejo de Caldas’ unique attributes. Our staff and our client’s brand ambassador were constantly welcoming attendees to enhance their tasting experience and taking them to The Next Level!

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