Ron Viejo de Caldas and Women’s History Month

Women's History Month

A complete experience was set for extraordinary women to commemorate “Women’s History Month” with Ron Viejo de Caldas. The event was held in a gorgeous on-premise site in the Upper West Side of New York City (Thyme & Tonic). Stephanie Flor, a highly regarded makeup artist, gave an exclusive beauty class to all of the participants, sharing easy tips and recommendations according to skin types and facial features.

For this “Women’s History Month” get together, the group received branded beauty products such as a lighted mirror, blenders and brushes, all with the slogan of the campaign: “El ron de las que saben” (the rum of the women who know) on it. During the class, the participants tried different cocktails specially prepared for the occasion. “Charming Lips” with Ron Viejo de Caldas white rum (Roble Blanco), lime and simple syrup, and “Resilient Women” with Ron Viejo de Caldas (3 years aged) with coconut, orange and cranberry juice, were some of the cocktail stars of the afternoon.

Also, the “Women’s History Month” celebration was filled with good times and a great attitude, shared between extraordinary women. Stephanie led the group in a two-part class, with an intermission to enjoy appetizers, to mingle and take pictures of the makeup process. For the second part of the class, Stephanie gave finishing touches and fantastic tricks to take advantage of the makeup products the women had. And, of course, cocktails kept coming to keep the party going.

Finally, after 4 hours of a fun and satisfying event, the participants said good bye. Everyone left with lots of pictures, social media interactions and mentions, thank you comments, and hoping for this experience to be repeated in the near future. LTE was on site during the event, making sure everything went smoothly down to the very last detail. That’s why we say we take our client’s journey together and make their consumers our own.

This was a wonderful and empowering way to close “Women’s History Month” in New York City with “the rum of the women who know”. It was a great time for all!

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