We established a 360º strategy with Ron Viejo de Caldas, which included a variety of services aligned to improve brand awareness. Some of those strategies involved influencer marketing, social media marketing, experiential marketing, BTL, among others.

Digital Branding 

Ron Viejo de Caldas The website was developed by using the brand’s DNA, for the audience to live the brand experience. The content is constantly published with the mission of enriching consumers’ lifestyle according to the archetype and getting to know the interests of the target audience.

Also, it is a good resource to launch campaigns or control fidelity strategies.

Experiential Marketing 

Ron Viejo de Caldas Planning and execution of an engagement marketing event in the Love and Friendship Month (February) with the aim of creating greater brand loyalty, taking care of every detail in a celebration atmosphere. Engaging the five senses.

This event was designed (including pairing cocktails with food, entertainment, branded flavors, etc.) to promote a memorable brand positioning not only within the attendees, but also with the audience that engaged through the customer’s social media.

The followers were invited to participate in a giveaway event through social media platforms and the winners were able to enjoy a fantastic celebration. The activity was held simultaneously in Miami and New York City.

We took advantage of other important dates, such as “St. Patrick’s Day”, developing a new experience for our customer with a “Green Cocktail”. We created a customized cocktail with Ron Viejo de Caldas.

We used POP merchandising in different “On Premise” locations and video tutorials for social media that increased buying motivation.

The creative cocktail was based on the brand’s archetype and DNA. We also used experience to engage special guests for events by conceptualizing, designing, and producing an invitation through cocktail’s experience, thus creating impact and intrigue before the event.

This invitation was designed for influencers and VIP guests. It was a basket with a recipe and all the ingredients for a “Zen Mojito” to live the Ron Viejo de Caldas style experience.

Social Media Marketing 

Ron Viejo de Caldas Development of strategic content analysis to create the brand’s image in the US market, ensuring an effective positioning and following archetypal brand and customer requirements. We used different tools available in Social Media, for example, the “Live” events. We created and produced a live Mexican Night to celebrate “5 de Mayo” on Instagram, building an entertainment experience with an exclusive virtual presentation of a mariachi and an influencer.

The live event was carried out using an entire Mexican production where Ron Viejo de Caldas was the protagonist.

A special “Rum Margarita” was created for this live event and the recipe was shared in different ways using social media. With this live theme event, we created an instant connection with the audience by offering a new way of living the brand. This transmission generated moments for the audience to be amused with this enjoyable production.

Targeted advertising in social media, applying our know-how in market segmentation, was key to reach new customers and trigger an exploratory experience.