We developed a complete strategy for Aguardiente Cristal by using different services according to what the brand was aiming for. Some of those strategies included: influencer marketing, social media marketing, experiential marketing, BTL, among others.

Social Media Marketing

After applying strategic content analysis to previous social media, the digital image of Aguardiente Cristal was created specifically for the US market. This allowed us to establish a look and feel and a unique and consistent tone in all the digital communications of the brand. The “humanization” that was reached based on the archetype and customer guidelines was one of the tactics used to achieve a greater connection with the audience.

A content calendar was established, using categories that were close to our target audience. We also used certain language that was totally aligned with our followers’ lifestyle.

We shared important events through social media, such as the production of a virtual vallenato party, within the framework of the famous Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata, developing an effective association to the product, generating an experiential empathy and connection with the audience.

Saul Lallemand, a well-known Colombian vallenato singer and the youngest “Rey Vallenato” in history, was the main face and performer of the entire campaign. The concert (Parranda Vallenata) was broadcasted on Instagram Live and YouTube Live.

In addition, an on-premises activation was designed and produced in a traditional Colombian restaurant in New York City, creating an engaging tactic to reinforce brand recall.


Influencer Marketing

We used influencer marketing as part of our monthly strategies and created alliances with known people (singers, actors, hosts, etc.). We managed to establish a connection with their audience which positively impacted ours.

One of these alliances was with the digital magazine Living & Travel to convey the most important and traditional fairs and festivities of Colombia, the country that produces Aguardiente Cristal. With the slogan #RevivamosLaFeriaConAguardienteCristal (Let’s revive the traditional fairs with Aguardiente Cristal) 12 Colombian influencers and KOLs participated. Every month a video was produced to pass on the essence of each fair, promoting the customer’s brand through personal experiences from each influencer.

We also built a social strategy based on the slogan #RevivamosLaFeriaConAguardienteCristal. The videos were shared in the social media platforms of Living & Travel Magazine and Aguardiente Cristal, involving effective endorsement and product placement from influencers. See all the videos here.

Influencer marketing was used as part of the Holiday’s strategy. Two influencers shared their traditions and demonstrated how to use Aguardiente Cristal to make celebrations even better. These influencers met the brands’ archetype and values. Both used very creative and innovative ways to communicate the idea through social media, which was very helpful to create a memorable message that our audience really enjoyed.

In line with the product’s slogan: “Born to Dance”, we had professional dancers creating a signature choreography for our brand. These videos reached more than 150K views.


Targeted Marketing

We developed campaigns to promote digital concerts by using social media and face-to-face events to give away tickets for the concert. We generated expectations with a digital “scratch and win” game for attendees to participate and obtain two virtual tickets and encouraged followers to comment and mention friends to win tickets too.


Experiential Marketing

We created different experiences with Aguardiente Cristal in our “On Premise” locations, such as soccer games, holidays, and celebrations. For example, in Halloween, a “zombie troop” arrived sharing the product and dancing with the guests. We had dancers performing their choreography in different bars and restaurants and sharing the spirit of the brand with the people.

We also used original Marketing Mixology strategies for our brand, generating digital and printed content of cocktails according to the season and calendar, or according to lifestyle and the recipe’s characteristics. The creative proposals were based on the archetype and DNA of each customer’s brand.